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    Kanchenjunga Round Trek - 27 days

    Recommendation for Chandra Subba

    My name is Kazik Pichlak. I am a medical doctor, general and oncologic surgeon, with the passion for exploring  all possible  mountains in the world, but particularly Himalaya. In Nepal,   I have been 16 times.
    I cooperate with Mr Chandra and his agency Himalayan Icefall Trekking for many years. He arranged for me and my friends 10 trekkings to different parts of Himalaya and Tibet. Some of them  were standard trekkings, but some were very challenging to remote parts of Himalaya or, for example, with the passes above 6000 metres. All of these were always under the wing of Chandra agency.
    Twice I had serious health problems. Mr Chandra organized very effective help immediately – evacuation from mountain area by helicopter.
    All our trekkings were arranged perfectly. Mr Chandra and his agency’s team are the experts in leading excellent, unforgettable Himalaya trips.
    I recommend with all my heart Mr Chandra’s agency. He and his team guarantee the best service when exploring Himalaya.
    Contact:  himtrekzone@gmail.com

    Kazimierz Pichlak (Doctor of Himalayan Expedition)



    In 1988, Nepal opened Kanchenjunga trek, though people had trekked in the area in connection with mountaineering expeditions since the turn of the century. This area is a long way from the Kathmandu, and the nearest roads and airports are a long way from the mountain.
    Kanchenjunga (8598 m) is on the border of  Nepal and the Indian state of Sikkim, so a circuit of the mountain is politically impossible. The next best alternative is to visit both the north and south sides of the mountain from the Nepal side.
    The lowland portion of this region is culturally intriguing, but there are few good mountain views.
    The Kanchenjunga region is the home of the Limbus. Relatives of the Rais, Limbus dominate the region east of the Arun Koshi and few live elsewhere. Limbu men wear a distinctive, tall topi, a Nepalese cap that is much more colorful than that worn by other Nepalese.

    Trip Hightlight


    Day 01: Arrival at the Tribhuwan International Airport and transfer to the hotel.
    Day 02: After breakfast, Full day Sightseeing around Kathmandu valley.
    Day 03: Fly from Kathmandu to Bhadrapur (45 min) and drive to 
    illam. (3-4 hours)
    Day 04: Drive Illam to Taplejung. (6-7 hours) 
    Day 05: Trekking starts. Taplejung (1820m) to Mithlung (921m). 
    Day 06: Trek Mithlung (921m) to Chiruwa (1270m). 
    Day 07: Trek Chiruwa (1270m) to Sukathum (1576m). 
    Day 08: Trek Sukathum (1576m) to Amjilasa (2308m). 
    Day 09: Trek Amjilsa (2308m) to Gyabla (2730m). 
    Day 10: Trek Gyabla (2730m) to Ghunsa (3595m.
    Day 11: Trek Rest in Ghunsa. Explore the Ghunsa (3595m) village and acclimatization.
    Day 12: Trek Ghunsa (3595m) to Khampachen (4050m).
    Day 13: Trek Khampachen (4050m) to Lhonak (4780m).
    Day 14: Trek Lhonak (4780m) to Pangpema (5143m).
    Day 15: Return from Pangpema (5143m) to 
    Day 16: Trek back Khampachen to Ghunsa. 
    Day 17: Trek Ghunsa to Sele la Base Camp (4290m).
    Day 18: Trek Sele la Base Camp (4290m) to Cheram via Sinion La Pass (4440m). 
    Day 19: Trek Cheram to
    Ramche (4580m). 
    Day 20:  Trek 
    Ramche to Amji Khola (2600m).
    Day 21: Trek Amji Khola to Yamphudin (2080m). 
    Day 22: Trek Yamphudin to Phumphe Dada (1858m). 
    Day 23: Trek Phumphe Dada to Lalikharka (2265m). 
    Day 24: Trek Lalikharka to Suketar
    . (2420m)
    Day 25: Drive Suketar to Birtamod by private Vehicle. (8-9 hours)
    Day 26: Drive Birtamod to Bhadrapur Airport (1 hour) then fly back to Kathmandu.(45 min)
    Day 27: Departure for your onward journey.

    Kanchenjunga Round Trekking Itinerary for Camping (26N/27D)

    Day 01: Arrival at the Tribhuwan International Airport.
    Arrival at Kathmandu Tribhuwan International Airport, Then welcome by our office representative and transfer to the respective hotel. After checking in to the hotel, meet our experienced trekking guide then detail briefing about the Trekking. Trekking permit collection as well as other required documents for the trekking. Finally, settle down all the payment procedures.

    Day 02: Kathmandu full day city Tour.
    After the morning breakfast, briefing about the Kathmandu full day city sightseeing. i.e Swoyambhunath, it is one of the holiest pilgrims for Buddhist and Hindus, and it is located at the hilltop in the Kathmandu also popularly known as the monkey temple.  
    Then after we drive to Bouddhanath stupa, which is also the main important shrine for Buddhist around the world. Bouddhanath Stupa is one of the largest spherical Stupa of Nepal and one of the largest Stupa in the world. Then finally we drive for Pashupatinath.
    Pashupatinath is located nearby Boudhanath, this temple is one of the major important sacred pilgrim sites for the Hindus around the world. And not to forget all the above three shrines are enlisted in UNESCO world heritage site. Finally drive back to the hotel, then have some rest, prepare for trekking which starts from tomorrow. Overnight.

    Day 03:   Fly Kathmandu to Bhadrapur and drive to Illam.
    Morning breakfast then drives to domestic Airport, fly to Bhadrapur which is located at eastern part of Nepal, the flight takes around 45 minutes. After landing at Bhadrapur Airport, drive to Illam by a reserved vehicle which takes around 3-4 hours, popular for its abundant tea garden, this place is also known as the tea garden of Nepal. During our drive to illam, we can see beautiful tea gardens on our way and beautiful hills. Illam is also famous for viewing stunning views of Mount Kanchenjunga (3rd highest peak in the world, 8586m) and Mount Janu/ Kumbhakarna (7710m). Illam is mostly inhabited by Limbus, Rai’s, chhetri and Brahmins having their own distinctive culture and tradition. Finally, check in to the hotel at illam and rest.

                                                (View from Illam)

    Day 04: Drive Illam to Taplejung (6-7 hours)
    After the morning breakfast, drive illam to Taplejung, which takes around 6-7 hours. On our way to Taplejung we can view beautiful typical Nepali villages, and landscapes. We will take lunch in between at one of the fine restaurants. Then continue our journey to Taplejung, by the time we arrive at taplejung it will already be in the evening, and then check in to the hotel at taplejung (1720m). Rest and prepare for walking which actually starts from the next day.
    Day 05: Trek Taplejung(1720m) to Mitlung(921m) (6-7 hours)
    After breakfast, we start our actual trekking from Taplejung to the beautiful village of Mitlung (921m) which takes around 6-7 hours of walking. On our trek to Mitlung village from Taplejung, there won’t be many difficulties this day because the trekking trail will be the gentle trail, not much steep. On this trekking day we will see beautiful villages, agricultural land, and besides, we will also see the villages of brave Gurkhas. After the gentle walk for several hours, we will finally arrive at the Mitlung village, where our camps will be waiting for us. Overnight at camps.

    Day 06: Trek Mitlung to Chiruwa(1270m)(5-6hours)
    After breakfast, we trek Mitlung to Chiruwa which takes around 5-6 hours of a gentle walk with lesser steeps. During our trek on this day, we pass through typical Nepali villages, and this is also a good opportunity for observing Nepali culture, tradition, and pure Nepali house architecture. Then we will reach finally at Chiruwa village for our camping overnight.  

    Day 07: Trek Chiruwa to Sukathum(1576m)(6-7 hours)
    After Breakfast, we trek to Sukathum, which will take around 6-7 hours of a gentle walk with lesser steeps as usual. The main inhabitants within this area are as similar to above, mainly Limbus and Rai’s, but the inhabitants differ as we arrive at Sukathum. The main inhabitants of Sukathum are Buddhist People with their own separate identity, culture, and traditions. Arrive at Sukathum, camping, and overnight.

    Day 08: Trek Sukathum to Amjilasa(2308m)(6-7 hours)
    After Breakfast we Trek to Amjilasa from Sukathum, which takes around 6-7 hours of trek. On this day of the trek, the trail is lesser the gentle walk and much the steep climb. From Sukathum and above the main inhabitants is the Sherpa community, their major source of income are trekking profession and Agriculture. During this day of the trek, we can also see many Yaks, which are the major domestic cattle in the Himalayan region of Nepal. Finally arrive at Amjilasa, camping, and overnight.

    Day 09: Trek Amjilasa to Gyabla(2730m)(5-6 hours)
    After the breakfast trek to Gyabla, this takes around 5-6 hours of gentle walk and much steep climbing. As like Amjilasa the residents of Gyabla are also the Sherpa inhabitants. As we trek above from Amjilasa to gybla more the remoteness and lesser the population. One of the most amazing attractions on this trekking route is the forest of rhododendron flowers mainly during the month of Jun- july, which is also the national flower of our country Nepal. Arrive at small village of Gyabla, camping and overnight.



    Day 10: Trek Gyabla to Ghunsa(3595m)(5-6 hours)
    After the breakfast, Trek to Ghunsa, this takes around 5-6 hours of trek. On this day of trek, we have to walk lesser the steep and much the gentle walk. Ghunsa is also the place mainly of Sherpa communities, having bigger locality of Sherpa people. Sherpa people from Ghunsa have their culture, and Tradition similar to Tibetan culture and traditions. Camping and overnight at Ghunsa.

                                           (Ghunsa village)

      Day 11: Ghunsa Acclimatization (3595m)
    On this day at Ghunsa we will stay all the day at Ghunsa for Acclimatization purpose. This day we will have excursion around the Ghunsa village and possibly short hikes nearby. Leisure time at your own around Ghunsa village. Camping and overnight at Ghunsa.

    Day 12: Trek Ghunsa to Khampachen (4050m)(5-6 hours)
    After the breakfast, trek to Khampachen, which takes around 5-6 hours of gentle and steep trek. During this day of trekking we can see few unique stone huts, and the most amazing close views of Janu Mountain (7711m) and Kumbhakarna glacier. Arrive at Khampachen, camping and overnight.


    Day 13: Trek Khampachen to Lhonak (4780m)(4-5 hours)
    After the breakfast, trek Khampachen to Lhonak, which takes around 4-5 hours. During our trek on this day we will be able to see awesome views of mountains. Lhonak is a beautiful place, which lies near to the Tibet and this place is also famous for viewing beautiful mountain peaks like kirat peak/ tent peak (7362m), Nepal peak (7177m) and many more peaks. Arrive at Lhonak, camping and overnight.


    Day 14: Trek Lhonak to Pangpema Base camp (5143m) (4-5 hours)
    After the breakfast, trek Lhonak to Pangpema base camp which takes 4-5 hours gentle walk and since this is the highest altitude during our trek; we will walk very gently on our pace. This day of trekking is most beautiful, where we will be able to view amazing several peaks like Gimmigela peak (5415m),Chang himal/ Wedge peak (6802m), huge glaciers, and when we arrive near to the Pangpema base camp, we can see the great Mount Kanchunjunga, the third highest mountain in the world (8586m). Arrive at Pangpema base camp, camping and overnight.

    Day 15: Trek back from Pangpema base camp to Khampachen (4050m)(7-8 hours)
    Early morning enjoy the beautiful panoramic views of Mount Kanchanjunga range, Ice fall, and other several peaks. Spend few times enjoying the stunning panoramic view from the base camp. Enjoy the breakfast then we will return back to khampachen, which will take around 7-8 hours. Arrive at Khampachen, camping and overnight.

    Day 16: Trek Khampachen to Ghunsa (3595m)(5-6 hours)
    Breakfast and trek Khampachen to Ghunsa, which will take around 5-6 hours. The views during our trek will be same as like on our previous trek, i.e same like the day we trekked from Ghunsa to Khampachen. Arrive at Ghunsa, camping and overnight.

    Day 17: Trek Ghunsa to Sele la Base camp (4290m)(5-6 hours)
    After the breakfast at Ghunsa, we will trek towards Sele la base camp, which will take around 5-6 hours of steep climb. During this trek we will enjoy the beauty of amazing hills and forests. Arrive at Sele la base camp, camping and overnight.
    Day 18:  Trek Sele la base camp to Cheram (3870m) via Sinion la pass (4440m) (7-8 hours)
    After breakfast, we trek from Sele la base camp to Cheram via Sinion la pass, 7-8 hours. On this day of trekking we have to go through continues up path and down path. It takes around 3 hours of upward trekking, from where we can view Janu/ Kumbhakarna Mountain from the Sinion la pass, (4440m) and 4 hours of downward trek accompanies the great view of Mount Kanchanjunga, and other peaks. Arrive at Cheram, camping and overnight.

    Day 19 Trek Cheram to Ramche (4580m) (4-5 hours)
    After breakfast then trek Cheram to Ramche which takes around 4-5 hours gentle walks. After trekking for few hours we can view the famous Yalung Glacier, along with other few peaks like Sunpathi Peak, and Mount kanchunjunga from few meters above the Ramche, from the southern part. Arrive at Ramche, camping and overnight.

    Day 20: Trek Ramche to Amji Khola (2600m) (7-8 hours)
    After Breakfast, Trek Ramche to Amji khola which takes around 7-8 hours of easy downward forest walks. On this day of trekking the best view of Mount Janu can be seen from Chitre (2962m). Arrive at Amji khola, Camping and overnight.

    Day 21: Trek Amji khola to Yamphudin (2080m)(4-5 hours)
    After breakfast then trek Amji Khola to Yamphudin, which takes around 4-5 hours of flat, gentle downward walk. Yamaphudin is small Gurung community village, with lesser Gurung people who are mainly involved in Agricultural activities. Like Limbu, Rai, and sherpas Gurung community also have their own culture, traditions and beliefs. Arrive at Yamphudin, camping and overnight.

    Day 22: Trek Yamphudin to Phumphe Dada (1858m) (6-7 hours) 
    After breakfast then trek Yamphudin to Phumphe Dada, which takes around 6-7 hours and which has equal distance of gentle, upward and downward walks. As we pass Yamphudin and arrive at Phumphe Danda we can see the villages of Limbu Community with few Brahmin communities as well. Camping and overnight at Phumphe Dada.

    Day 23: Trek Phumphe Dada to Lalikharka (2265m) (8-9 hours)
    After breakfast and trek Phumphe Dada to Lalikharka which takes around 8-9 hours of equally flat-up and downward. The trek encompasses the typical villages of mainly limbu villages along with other few communities. From Lalikharka we can see the far view of Mount Kanchunjunga and its range. Camping and overnight.

    Day 24: Trek Lalikharka to Suketar (2420m) (3-4 hours)
    After Breakfast, Trek Lalikharka to Suketar, it takes around 3-4 hours easy walk. Since we will reach Suketar soon on this day, you can visit nearest taplejung bazaar/market after lunch at Suketar. Camping and overnight at Suketar.

    Day 25: Drive Suketar to Birtamod (8-9 hours)
    After the breakfast at the Suketar, we drive from Suketar to Birtamod on our private vehicle passing through the places like Taplejung, Panchthaar and Illam(Tea Garden of Nepal) and finally to Birtamod. Check in and overnight at the hotel.

    Day 26: Drive Birtamod to Bhadrapur Airport and fly to Kathmandu.
    After the breakfast drive Birtamod to Bhadrapur Airport, which takes about one hour, then fly Bhadrapur to Kathmandu (45min). Land at the Domestic Airport Kathmandu, then transfer and check in to the respective hotel. Easy day, shopping and Typical Nepali farewell dinner in the evening. Overnight Kathmandu hotel.

    Day 27: International Departure.
    After breakfast drive to Kathmandu international Airport for your onward journey.

    Cost Details :

    Group size 2 : USD 3900.00 per person (Minimum 2 person basis)

    Group size 3 to 5 : USD 3700.00 per person

    Group size 6 to 10  : USD 3500.00 per person

    Cost Includes

    a) All permits and fees including TIMS and other necessary conservation permits and government taxes
    b) Accommodation in the lodges/ camp in trekking areas.
    c) All required Land and domestic Air transportation during the trip.
    d) Experienced & professional Trekking Guide, his Salary, food & Insurance.
    e) The necessary number of porters and their salary, foods, insurance & equipment.
    f)  Kathmandu Valley city sightseeing tour.
    g) Kathmandu Hotel on BB plan.
    h) First aid box.
    i) Celebration dinner after the trip in Kathmandu.
    j) Normal Showers during the trek.

    Cost Excludes

    Medical/personal high-risk insurance (suggest to have rescue coverage policy as well.
    b) Personal Clothing/Gears for the trekking.
    c) Tips for Nepalese staffs.
    d) Cost of personal expenses, i.e shopping, Beverages, Telephone bills etc.
    e) Nepal Visa Fee
    f)  International Airfare fee
    g) Hot water shower.

    Start Date End Date Availability Price  
    06th Oct 00th Dec OPENED 2600 Book Now
    The major important checklist for the trekking are as follows: 

    1) Trekking boots - 01 pair with 4 pairs of  warm shocks
    2) Dawn Jacket - 01
    3) Sleeping bag- 01
    4) Long sleeves - 02 pairs
    5) Sun glass  - 01
    6) Hat  - 01
    7)  Water Bottle  - 01
    8) Half Pant  - 01
    9) Trousers  - 02
    10 ) T- Shirts - 04
    11) Trekking Stick - 02
    12) Sunscreen  - 01
    13) Mosquito repelling cream - 01 ( in case in the low land areas)
    14) Rucksack - 01
    15) Gloves -01 pair
    16) Wind proof jacket- 1
    17) Warm Cap-1
    18) Personal Medicines
    19) Flash light


    Price Start From

    USD 3500

    Book This Trip

    Trip Facts

    Duration : 27 Days

    Grading : c

    Trip Start : Tapalejung

    Max. Altitude : 5143

    Trip Ends : Tapalejung Bazar

    Destination : Kanchenjunga

    Trip Style : Trekking

    Activity : Trek and sightseeing

    Group Size : 2

    Activity Per Day : walking 5-6 hrs.

    Best Season : October, November, March-April, May

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